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PEACESEEKERS cultivates partnerships for preventing violence and promoting peace through Education, Consultation and Collaboration.  Our mission is expressed in five areas:


  • Peaceable Homes:  We provide counseling and spiritual direction to individuals and families impacted by violence; promoting tools and resources that nurture a climate of healing, safety and peace at home.   


  • Peaceable Schools: We equip teachers, administrators, parents and students with resources to prevent violence, promote peace, cultivate partnerships, nurture positive school climate and facilitate healing/pro-social skills development.


  • Peaceable Communities:  We provide training and consultation to communities concerning violence as a public health issue, effective strategies for violence prevention/health promotion and cultivating partnerships for promoting peace.


  • Peaceable Churches:  We equip churches to provide inreach, outreach and discipleship to individuals, families and communities impacted by violence, promote clergy/lay leader soul care and engage in partnerships for promoting God's peace.


  • Peaceable Colleges/Universities/Seminaries:  We provide training and consultation with academicians, administrators, and students concerning effective health promotion efforts, community engagement, partnerships and community-based participatory research practices. 



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